Mathematica package BVPh




Inspirited by the general validity of the homotopy analysis method (HAM) in so many different fields and by the ability of “computing with functions instead of numbers” provided by computer algebra system such as Mathematica and Maple, a HAM-based Mathematica package BVPh is developing for highly nonlinear boundary-value/eigenvalue equations.  Its aim is to develop a kind of analytic tool for as many nonlinear boundary-value problems (BVPs) as possible such that multiple solutions of some highly nonlinear BVPs can be conveniently found out, and that the infinite interval and singularity of governing equations and/or multi-point boundary conditions can be easily resolved.  

Its first version, BVPh 1.0, is released by Liao in May 2012. Now its newest version is BVPh 2.0, released on 18 May 2013.  



Stable versions:


>>    BVPh 1.0


>>    BVPh 2.0  New!