Maple package NOPH 1.0


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Based on Wu’s elimination method, the homotopy analysis method as well as Padé technique, a Maple package NOPH 1.0 is developed, which can automatically deliver accurate approximate solutions of nonlinear oscillation system with the form

subject to initial conditions

k(0)=ak +dk,   (0)=0,   i(0)=ai+di,   (0)=wbi, 

where the dependent variable (t)=(1(t), ¼ ,k(t)), the mean of motion d=(d1, ¼ ,dk), w denotes the frequency of oscillation, the independent variable t denotes time, the dot denotes differentiation with respect to t, is an algebraic or rational function of and .

As an open resource, the NOPH 1.0 can be free downloaded at the following hyperlinks. The higher version of the NOPH will be issued in future.

Source Code:    Zip form of NOPH 1.0 (for Maple 15)