Free downloaded Mathematica codes for Shijun Liao’s book


 Homotopy Analysis Method in Nonlinear Differential Equations



Introduction     Basic Ideas & Brief History     Publications     Examples     Mathematica Package BVPh      Maple Package NOPH 1.0     Mathematica Package APOh




Chapter 2:

                   Mathematica code without iteration for Example 2.2    Mathematica code with iteration for Example 2.2


Chapter 3:

                   Mathematica code for Blasius flow


Chapters 7-12:

                   Mathematica package BVPh 1.0 (with corresponding input-data files for examples)     


Chapter 13:

                   Mathematica code APO and APOh for American put option


Chapter 14:

                   Mathematica code for 2D Gelfand equation                   Mathematica code for 3D Gelfand equation


Chapter 15:

                   Mathematica code for wave-current interaction



Note:  These codes are issued for Mathematica 5.2. Please replace the command Pade by PadeApproximant, if the Mathematica 8.0 is used:  the simplest way is to use the command  Pade := PadeApproximant  at the beginning of each code.