Examples for the use of  BVPh 1.0


Chapter 8:     Nonlinear BVPs with multiple solutions

8.3.1       Nonlinear diffusion-reaction model

8.3.2       A nonlinear three-point boundary-value problem

8.3.3       Channel flows with multiple solutions


Chapter 9:     Nonlinear eigen-value problems

9.3.1       Non-uniform beam acted by axial load

9.3.2       Gelfand equation

9.3.3       Eigen-value equation with singularity and varying coefficients

9.3.4       Multipoint boundary-value problem with multiple solutions

9.3.5       Orr-Sommerfeld stability equation with complex coefficient  


Chapter 10:   Exponentially and algebraically decaying boundary-layer flows

10.2        The unique exponentially decaying solution

10.3        An infinite number of algebraically decaying solutions


Chapter 11:   Non-similarity boundary-layer flow


Chapter 12:   Unsteady similarity boundary-layer flow




Related Book:


Liao, S.J.: Homotopy Analysis Method in Nonlinear Differential Equations. Higher Education Press & Springer, Beijing and Heidelberg, 2012.